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Looking for a solution to keep your wastewater crystal-clear and pristine? Look no further! We specialize in providing top-notch wastewater management services, ensuring that your water stays sparkling clean and free of harmful contaminants.

Clean Water, Clear Choice.

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We Offer Unique And Results-Based Solutions For Cleaner Water.

Access to clean water is a fundamental right that we must protect for future generations. Zeowater provides effective and sustainable solutions, utilizing nature’s own treatment plant to ensure a lifelong supply of clean water.

how easy it is to get started:

1. We analyse a sample of your wastewater*

We test your sample at our lab to find the best solution for you. *For free.

Save the ocean

2. We provide expertise for optimal water treatment.

Our knowledge of water treatment enables us to provide efficient and sustainable solutions for a wide range of water sources, from industrial to natural, regardless of the scale of the project.

We also provide solutions for heavy metal removal and emergencies.

When toxic substances such as heavy metals, oils, or acids are released into the environment, quick action is necessary to minimize their impact. Zeowater has the necessary knowledge, expertise, and unique treatment solutions to provide efficient clean-up services in such emergency situations.

And for agriculture

At Zeo Concept ECE, part of Zeowater International, we utilize zeolite’s unique properties to enhance agriculture. Our eco-friendly products boost crop health and yields, and promote livestock wellbeing. By replacing traditional practices with our innovative solutions, we aim for sustainability and improved productivity.

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Introducing ZeoWater NextGen 2.0: A Breakthrough in Water Treatment Technology

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ZeoWater NextGen 2.0, the result of several years of dedicated work and innovation in the field of water treatment. Our commitment to providing sustainable and effective solutions for water contamination has led to the development of this advanced system, designed to tackle a broad spectrum of water issues.