Zeo Water International

Products by Zeowater International

At Zeowater International, we offer an array of solutions designed to address various water-related challenges. Our products are crafted with the highest level of expertise and are tailored to cater to a diverse range of needs, from industrial to natural waters.

Analysis and advice

We offer our knowledge and knowhow to service you with the best possible way to treat your waters. From industrial to natural waters, we can always find a way. From a single installation to the treatment of an entire lake. A circular and and efficiant way forward.

The Zeo Way

With the Zeo 2.0 treatment system, water is cleaned, and contamination reduced. Our Zeowater filters and expertise in water treatment can give a lifelong solution. This applies to everything from eutrophication and heavy metals, to wastewater polishing, ammonia and the development of future solutions and prevention

Heavy metals & emergency solutions

In the event of accidents where heavy metals/ oils, acids and other toxic substances have been released into the wild, urgent solutions are required to limit the damage caused. At Zeowater we posses both the knowledge and expertise required, together with our unique water treatment solutions needed for the clean-up.