Our story

Welcome to Zeowater International, where our mission is to protect our most important resource – water. Established in 2009 as Eco Concept Earth, we started our journey by marketing a new zeolite non-corrosive alternative for winter road and pavement de-icing/anti-skid grits. In 2012, we were acquired by our current owners and rebranded as Zeo-Concept ECE, marking the entry of our present-day CEO.

In our early years, we launched an organic zeolite animal-feed additive, ECO-Certified, sourced from one of the highest-grade zeolite mines on the planet. Our product proved beneficial in promoting healthier livestock, reducing the use of antibiotics, and facilitating faster weight gain. We later collaborated with the SLU (Swedish University of Agriculture) and Stockholm University, leveraging the extensive research on extraordinary uses of zeolite, from organic fertilizers to nuclear disaster management.

Our journey has been thrilling but challenging. Encouraging our customers to step away from traditional market offerings and witness the environmental and economic benefits of our products has been a significant task. However, our focus remained steadfast on sectors such as agriculture, environment, and safety.

The year 2021 marked a crucial milestone for us with the launch of a unique water purification filter system. This system, conceived by our CEO, offers an economical, sustainable, and circular-economy solution for polluted water courses and industries, outperforming many established product offerings.

Today, Zeowater International offers comprehensive and result-proven solutions for all water usage, from process water to waste water. We have developed a unique method that treats water, secures residues, and creates conditions for healthy, clean, and living water. Our services include the treatment of heavy metals and nutrients in water, which can be harmful and difficult to manage.

As we look to the future, our goal is to challenge different industries and develop ecological solutions to address the environmental challenges our world is facing. The result of our efforts is ZeoWater nextgen 2.0, a mobile and simple solution suitable for every water type.

We firmly believe that clean water is a right for all living things on our planet, a resource that we must safeguard for future generations. With our natural and functional solutions, we strive to offer lifelong solutions for our water.

Join us in our journey towards a cleaner and healthier planet.