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At Zeowater International, we understand the unique needs of each client. Our team of experts is ready to discuss your water treatment needs and how we can help. We offer appointments for both natural water and industrial water needs.

Natural Water Appointment

Are you concerned about the quality of your lake or other natural water sources? Let us help you slow down the external impact on your waters, change the drains, and purify the water from nutrients causing eutrophication. An initial water investigation provides a basis for what nature needs to recover.
To book your 1-hour virtual call, click on the [Book Natural Water Appointment] button, and choose a suitable time and date. Let’s discuss your situation and see how we can be part of your solution.

Industrial Water Appointment

Contaminated stormwater from industry, agriculture, and other human activities discharged into our watercourses can be detrimental. Our cost-effective solutions provide known projected results prior to installation.

To arrange a meeting now, click on the [Book Industrial Water Appointment] button, and choose a suitable time and date. Let’s explore possibilities to reduce contamination economically.

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